Using the Strategy Pattern to Reduce Complexity in Your JavaScript

Problem: Do you ever find yourself writing a lengthy switch statements or if statements structured like a switch. Luckily there is the Strategy Pattern to help alleviate this complex, sometimes »

Simple Async HTTP Module for Appcelerator

Hello techies, I have been using Appcelerator recently. It is a pretty cool tool, it allows you to create cross platform mobile applications for iOS and Android, writing JavaScript. Appcelerator »

Serving Images from an Image Controller

Found this solution rather simple when you want to serve images from your database. »

Dynamic View Page, MVC without a View Model

Hello fellow techies on this roller coaster called life. It has been a while since my last post, I have been focusing on some other more important aspects of my »

A Rhyme for Cordialities

How are thingsā€¦ Things are things People are people I am neither Things nor people I am me you are you Next time ask How do you do »